Tuesday, 1 August 2017

*** Meet the Members ***

Good afternoon everyone
Hope your all having a lovely day

I would like to introduce to you one of our Members of
Hints, Tips & Crafty Inspiration
Facebook Group

Margaret is a very talented crafter,
she makes cards, does tatting along with other things
Here are a few of her wonderful creations

To see more of Margaret's wonderful creations please visit he blog

Thanks for visiting, I hope you will go and visit Margaret's blog


  1. Hi Emma - what a great idea! Is this going to be a weekly occurrence - introducing a member of either of the 'Crafty & More' groups? Margaret is super talented at the crafts she has mastered / is mastering. Thanks for sharing - both of you! :) xx

  2. Thank you Christine, glad you enjoyed the post and Margaret's blog ;-)
    I don't know about weekly but there will definately be more xx

  3. Great idea Emma, lovely to meet Margaret!

    Nicola ♥

  4. Thank you Emma, you picked some nice pieces from my blog.


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