The Group is for sharing your love for craft, you can share your makes, you can add photos, add a link with the photos to your page or blog (preferred) or a direct blog link.
Set up a photo album so you can share all your makes
Lots of Files/Docs with lots of useful craft related info
Ask and answer crafty questions and just general chat and get to know your fellow crafters

Things going on in the Group

'Crafty Challenge' - a monthly challenge, GREAT PRIZE’s thanks to our Sponsors.

'MAKE of the MONTH' - at the end of every month a WINNER is selected from all projects/makes that has been posted in the Group during that month.

'TIP of the WEEK'- once a week a crafty TIP is posted in the Group (even though there are plenty of tips in the group) All the posted 'TIP of the WEEK', in case you miss them, can be found in the FILE in the Group.

'CRAFTY SHARES' - crafty shares are posted in the group throughout the week linking to tutorial videos, crafty offers, free downloads .... basically anything that may be of interest to us crafters.