Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Group Updates

Good afternoon everyone
Sorry it's been a while posting, I have been away due to poor health but I'm fine now so thought I would give you some updates on the Groups.

'JUST for FUN' crafty challenge
A new 'JUST for FUN' crafty challenge has started in the Group

STARTED - Mon (29th May)
ENDS - Sun 11th June at Midday
THEME - 'Anything Goes' - anything that you have created

This will be an on going fortnightly challenge.


Group Rules
The rules of the Group have now changed, no blog links are still not allowed but now you can add your photo of your crafty creation and add a link.

New Files/Docs
New files/Docs have been added full of information such as 'Anniversary Names', 'TIP of the WEEK' and more ....

No changes really, still a Group for sharing your Crafty Blog Links.

Come and join us, we are a friendly bunch and there has been a lot of changes and we would love to meet you.

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