Friday, 1 February 2013

A Huge Thank You from Kathy Mills ....

A Huge Thank You
from Kathy Mills

''I have just arrived home and look was waiting...... Some of the Crafty Goodies in aid of Louise's Memorial Garden...... There's loads of flitter n glitter of Kay at Indigo Blue..... Loads of Stamps from her too.... The Craft Station Lucy and Paul Ellis fabulous Sweet Poppy Stencils and Pearlescent Stencil Paste..... Cupcake Crafting Lynda Chapman LOADS AND LOADS of Card Blanks and Matting and Layering Blocks and CD's Helena Chelley has sent us a Craft Station and accessories a crocodile and Pro Markers lovely Sharon Noble has sent stamps......... There are more parcels waiting to be collected..... 

Will keep you all Informed when the goods are all in...... Let the fun commence xxxx''

If anyone would like to help with this very god caurse, please contact Kathy.

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  1. Glad you got them sweet heart just a small donation as I'm only a crafter that wanted to help sending you hugs and much love xxxx all the best Sharon Noble xxx


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