Thursday, 22 November 2012

Well Done Sylvia ....

Good afternoon everyone
This is a special feature for a very special lady
Sylvia Anderson
Sylvia is a very caring person who always puts others first,
she has just done a charity event for her local hospice, which is very close to her heart, and once again done amazing.
I asked Sylvia if she would tell us a little bit about the appeal.

''I started the Hospice fund-raising when one of our members died in 2009 (Sylvia Hodgeson) who was our secretary. We raised £600 ...

The following year we raised £500.

Last year we lost another member to cancer (Carole Langston), her hubby gave me all her craft stuff, they were both lovely ladies.

We raised £1000 last year,
as you know this year we raised £1030.
The Hospice is close to my heart, I lost my 1st hubby (Alan) to cancer,
This is my way of saying thank you for everything the Hospice does  <3 xxx''

Thank you Sylvia for being such a wonderful person, you do an amazing job at the Hospice and, I'm sure I speak for everyone, I'm very proud of you and proud to call you my friend.
Congratulations and a huge well done to everyone involved.


  1. Thank you so much Emma, I hope to add to the £1030 this saturday, when we will be having another fund-raising event.... I would like to thank all the Crafty Crafters who helped me raise the money, especially Aileen Plant & Jean Weston, who followed my lead & went round shops, pubs etc. asking for donations.
    I would als like to thank all my lovely FB friends who made donations & helped to make the event such a success.... I love you all x

  2. We are all fortunate to know Sylvia she is a very caring person, I am so happy to know her, she is always there for all group members, when you need some one to talk to she is there for you. I am so pleased her Hospice day went well. I for one applaud her. three cheers for a lovely lady.Love Carol xxx

  3. Very well done Sylvia, you deserve the accolade xxxx luv u me xxxx

  4. Brilliant Emma. I am so pleased you did this for Sylvia she is so special.
    Well done Sylvia we love you. Big hugs
    xx Jan

    1. Thank you Jan.... I love all my FB friends x (hugs)

  5. Well done Sylvia, it takes a lot of hard work doing what you have done x

    1. Thank you Sweetie, It's well worth the effort x (hugs)

  6. Emma thats lovely xxxxxx Sylvia well done you are a remarkable ladie and happy i can call you my friend xxxxxxxxxxx Hugs Celia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Well done Sylvia - you have worked so hard forall this.


  8. You are a special inspiring lady Sylvia and its a pleasure to know you........ Xxx

  9. Thank you Emnma for doing this for one very special lady. I was lucky enough to meet Sylvia at Harrogate this year and what a wonderful lady she is. I am so honoured to call her my friend. I wish her all the best for the future too.

    Big Hugs
    Linda xxx

  10. Well done Sylvia you are a inspiration to us all xxx

  11. Well done Sylvia, your dedication to the hospice is tireless. It's was a pleasure to help out and I hope you manage to raise a lot more money at the weekend x

  12. Well done Sylvia,what would we do without people like you donating all your time and

  13. Great feature Emma & Sylvia! Well done on your total to date Sylvia, you are an amazing lady!
    Dawn xx

  14. Well done Sylvia, I take my hat off to you. xx

  15. Great post Emma, Sylvia is an amazing and wonderful lady, what wonderful achievements
    Lindsay xx


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