Thursday, 14 June 2012

'Blog of the Week' winner ....

Our 'Blog of the Week' winner from last week was

Sylvia has answered a few questions for us so we can get to know her a bit better.

1. What crafts do you do?

'I've dabbled in lots of different crafts over the years, sewing, flower arranging, cake decorating, woodwork, to name but a few, my passion is card making, it gives you lots of scope.'

2. How long have you been crafting and why did you start?

'I've been card making for almost 4 years, my daughter (Sylvia) got me to try it and I've been hooked ever since....I help to run our local craft group (Crafty Crafter's), as the secretary its my job to arrange all our trips to the lovely craft fairs.'

3.Who / what is your inspiration?

'I get my inspiration from everywhere ... could be a song or a special photograph and my crafty friends of course

4. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

'I've been blogging for about 6 weeks (I still don't understand it) but I have had a lot of help from my crafty friends ... I wanted to have a blog so I can see everyone's beautiful creations and show my creations to other people.'

Some of Sylvia's makes

Sylvia is a lovely lady and a very talented crafty and her work is inspirational, please pop by Sylvia's blog and follow.

Thank you Sylvia for answering the questions and sharing your lovely work with us, keep blogging hun your doing good.


  1. Well deserved blog of the week amazing seeing you are so new to it Sylvia.... xxx

  2. Awh so pleased for our little Sylvia - well done honey xxx

  3. well deserved blog of the week hun, i love all your creations x

  4. well done sylvia really proud of you i would have thought you had a blog for years love all the stuff you make and show :-) xxxx

  5. You make lovely cards Sylvia, I'm so pleased you won Blog of the Week x

  6. Well done Sylvia..You make some wonderful cards and your use for recycling is great. So Well deserved ,

    Caroline xx


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